A random assortment of shaders, particle systems, and other related effects I've made; mostly for a video game I'm working on. Any textures, 3d models, art and other assets shown are also my own.

Wind shader for foliage in Unity3D's Universal Render Pipeline. Works with both 2D (freeform, global, point) and 3D (directional, point, spot) lights, and can be used on 2d and 3d meshes alike. Each leaf/blade is independently simulated, and below benchmarking (first video) is capped at the display's refresh rate (144hz). Un-capped, the same view averages 350 frames per second, using a Radeon RX580 (GPU) and Ryzen 5 2600 (CPU) at 1920x1080p.

An attempt at stylised fire/fireball/explosion effects. The fireball and explosion use Unity3D's VFX graph (GPU simulated particles), while the fire uses a CPU particle system and a custom shader.

Lit outline shader with flat shading, for characters' body and hair. The goal was to emulate the look of high-resolution 2d illustrations, using 3d models for freedom with animations and angles.

Custom cel shader, for clothing and equipment.

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